Funerals & Memorial Services



Funeral arrangements in the Cathedral are scheduled through local mortuaries. The mortuary coordinates with the family and with our office to plan and schedule the services. Funeral dates and times are subject to approval by a priest. Receptions may be held after the services in one of our facilities when space is available. Reception requests are made through the mortuary. Download a .pdf of our Funeral FAQs for more information.

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Memorial Services

Memorial services are planned and scheduled with a priest. Call the Parish Office at (707) 542-6984 for further information.

In Memoriam

The following parishioners passed away recently. May they rest in peace.

Irene Janet Dorsett
Rafaela Magana
  Florencio Bermudez
  Brenda Lea Crompton
Charles Phillips
  Theresa Dolores Fitzpatrick
Burton Joseph Pacioretty
Joel Amador Maldonado
Ralph D. Fitch
Juan Victor Jimenez


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