The Catholic sacrament of marriage requires formal marriage preparation. Diocesan policy requires that this preparation begin no later than six months before the wedding date. For information on approved Catholic marriage preparation programs, Click Here.

Weddings may be scheduled in the Cathedral no more than one year in advance and require the approval of a priest.

  • Download a .pdf of our Wedding FAQs for church wedding guidelines.
  • To contact a priest to schedule a wedding date, Contact Us or call the Parish Office at (707) 542-6984.
  • Print out our Marriage Booklet and bring it to your meeting with the priest

Also see Planning Your Catholic Wedding on the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishop's website for helpful information in planning for and caring for your marriage.

Newly Married Parishioners

Congratulations to our parishioners who were married recently at St. Eugene's:

  Andrew Isaac Moyeda & Taylor Marie Steiner



A convalidation is the ceremony by which a marriage that is not recognized by the Church (for example, a marriage where one party is Catholic and the parties were married by someone other than a Catholic priest or deacon) is celebrated in the Church. It is very similar to a regular wedding but usually takes on a much simplified form. The preparation process is also similar to a regular wedding. Couples who wish to have a convalidation should contact a priest to begin the preparation.

Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

with Renewal of Vows

At the time of special anniversaries, married couples can have a special liturgical celebration where they renew the wedding vows and receive a special blessing. The celebration usually takes place within the celebration of a Mass where the couple can have family and friends participate through reading the scriptures, etc. If you would be interested in this, please make an appointment with a priest well before the anniversary date.


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